Vienna Edelstein

Tomorrow~ My first con as a senior high schooler XDDD

I’ll be Hiyoshi~ With Hyotei Gakuen uniform

Since I can’t tie a tie I hope someone will to help me at the con ^w^)v

Also hope I will meet with my cosplayer friends =w=

The con itself… I think not really big since it held by a senior high school. But like the best high school on Jakarta so I expect something ^w^

Looking forward for tomorrow!

Okay let’s wash my face then sleep~


3rd August 2013

Hello~ How is your day? (^^)

So many awesome packages arrived today! Super ureC~!

Castsize 7 which I ordered through Agito~

With ShinTenipuri as bonus!!

Agito I love you so much!!

Then, some beauty kits which I bought from Cece Ryuuta.

Yeah, holiday already began! I’ll go to Bali on 7th August. Looking forward for it >w<

Jaa nee~

27 July 2013

Went to bookstore to buy some books (History and English) for school. Found the History one but no luck for the English T_T I’ll go to another bookstore again tomorrow

I also bought some comics -w-b Bleach 54, Beelzebub 2, and Kekkaishi 25.

And, I bought this super cute note book >w<~

It says “Let’s chill out. Relax your body and soul.” Yes I’ll do it on next Thursday because that day holiday will begin~! ‘till that I can relax my body nor my soul =w=” Assignment everywhere~ OTLllll

Jaa nee~


Just a little bit left!! My Prince of Tennis cosplay project /o/
Sorry for the failness


Just a little bit left!! My Prince of Tennis cosplay project /o/

Sorry for the failness

So I’m tidying my cupboard right now. Let’s do some review

About my costume. How many costume I (ever) have so far

  1. Miku Hatsune default
  2. Kotarou Hoshizuki
  3. Oz Vessalius
  4. Lissana
  5. Senbonzakura
  6. Hyotei jersey
  7. Kaito Shion Fate Rebirth
  8. Len Rebirth_day
  9. Gumi Megpoid Matryoshka
  10. Gumi Megpoid Synchronicity
  11. Gakuran
  12. Yasogami High uniform
  13. Seigaku jersey
  14. Hyotei Gakuen female uniform
  15. Hyotei Gakuen elementary unfiorm
  16. Austria Hetaloween 2010
  17. Alan Humphries
  18. BSR48
  19. Ggio Vega
  20. Izaya/Kanra jacket
  21. Scouting legion jacket + robe

Well that’s alot. Bold means I ever wear it. Hope I miss nothing


Vienna here~

Yesterday and today I came to PopCon!

Yesterday I didn’t cosplay. Being a normal human (no I’m not normal when cosplaying XD). I just accompany my sister to there.

I bought many things /o/

Mikoto, Tatara, and MikoTata badges! Then rilakuma pouch and cute panda nail cutter =w=

Today! I cosplay as Fuji Shuusuke! Yes, the project is finally done~ And Agito accompany me. She cosplay as Niou Masaharu. Ahaha, Fuji vs Niou XDD

Sorry for not sorry for being ooc

Then, I met with Aphin-san(which cosplay as Gareki)! I’m super happy about this! I have admired her for a long time! I have greeted her once on facebook and she still remembers me! UreC~!

Then, met with my friends, Ichi and Shei!

Well did you realize that Ichi was cosplaying as Rei and Shei was as Nanase. Yes, from Free! ^q^

I also met with other friends (Leo, Nuky, Sacche, Hendaru, dkk) But I don’t have their photo on my phone X”D;; But still so happy can meet with them >w<

And one other awesome thing! Alf-san, super awesome, cool, kameko took my photo! He is my favorite kameko ever! His photos always sooo cool and awesome! All cosplayer admire him! That’s why I’m so lucky because able to met him and being photograph by him ^q^

These are what I got from PopCon day 2

Up to down

Alf-san kameko-card. Photo of mine from Alf-san. Aphin-san coscard

Okay so I had so much fun on PopCon! I’ll come to there again next year, for sure!

Jaa Matta nee~

Tomorrow, Little Tokyo~!

Will come to Ennichisai or Little Tokyo tomorrow! Very looki for it >w< I wanna meet my friends which I haven’t met since I focused too school~

I have finished my junior high school X”D I’m so free right now

Tomorrow my BSR48 project, hopefully, will done! Yeiy I’m so happy >w<! I’ll take the costume tomorrow. Yes on the Ennichisai. That’s why I’m not saying my BSR48 has done -w- Not yet~

Eh hope nothing wrong with the costume ;;w;;

Yesterday I did a costest for tomorrow!

This pic has been edited btw~ I’m not that white even I have applied my make up because my bedroom is a little dim~

I love the softlens so much! They’re from Princess Universe~ Their color is so bright! And the diameter (150mm) is fit so well for my eyes! Very recommended~

Ja nee~

Cosplay Project

I have to make this list BECAUSE (so I won’t forget that I have tons of project)

Read More

Recolor Wig with Marker!

Okay it’s not a recolor actually. More like give a gradation for your wig :’3

What you need:

  1. Wig, offcourse! X”D
  2. Marker
  3. Hairdrayer
  4. Comb

How to:

Just color your wig with the marker

Dry the wig which already colored with hairdryer

Since the wig will be a little messy, trim it up with comb


Yes the color not really change. But I think it will be really change if you used permanent marker (mine is unpermanent) and color ALL part of the wig.

Hope this tutorial will help you somehow X”D

I tried a eye tutorial which Yuegene made!

The result

I really can do the eyeshadow orzlll

But still so happy that Yuegene has similar eyes shape as me so I can use his tutorial /o/

I did a costest too

My mom will kill me

I actually also wanna tried this tutorial (still Yuegene’s tutorial)

But I really can’t deal with it ;;A;; So I erased it. That’s why my body looks a little red

Night <3